Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s OST song for God of War - Inoo (rain of Blades)

Real quick update because I am in a hurry:
1) It’s a simple OST-style song. however, the real gem lies in the chorus. I am loving the epic chorus and the rock-influenced instrumentals. A little rock never hurts anyone, thats also why I loved J-Min’s OST for “To The Beautiful You.” Although all OSTs end up sounding alike because creative expression is limited in the background music genre, Inoo has an advantage in that the heroic theme of this drama gives the OST more freedom to be exciting and empowering. The escalating drums and guitars in the instrumentals leading up to the chorus is so wonderful that I rewinded several times just to fully submerged myself in the moment - in which Kyuhyun plucks your heartstrings and you hurt along with him while he croons about bruised souls.
2) Kyuhyun is somebody whom you can fall in love with based just on voice alone. If i lived in an era of arranged marriages during which all I know about my potential husbands are based on a few telephone calls… I would marry whomever has Kyuhyun’s voice in a heartbeat. LOL. His voice can withstand thousands of replays. The airy yet magnetic quality of his timbre in the first few verses, accentuated with beautiful piano chords, is so meditative; it’s not throaty, not nasal(omg I hate nasal voices), but rounded and polished like a marble. Kyuhyun is a skillful singer who doesn’t try hard to outshine the song with his amazing voice. He instead adjusts his voice to highlight and complement the song instead of the other way around. There is something admirable about his humble attitude and respect towards music; this makes him more of a musician than an idol in my book.

Super Junior

—Mr. Simple ballad remix


Super Junior Mr. Simple ballad remix (by taerainn)

Compared to the original, this fan-made ballad remix of Mr. Simple is less crowded and busy in the background, and because of this, Suju’s voices stand out more. The piano melody blends seamlessly with the original tempo and tune, and the violins in the second half of the remix are a nice touch as well.

Now it sounds more similar to my favorite Suju song It’s You (neorago), and less like Bonamana/Sorry Sorry/Sexy Free and Single. lol 

I love this remix! 

Cho Kyuhyun

—Compilation of Solos


A compilation of (almost) all of Kyuhyuns solos throughout the years. There are around 32 songs some of which are from live performances at the best quality. Available for download here

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I keep repeating this to motivate myself to finish this hard assignment that I’m doing!

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